Friday, March 28, 2003


Arranged by Framtidsmuseet and Falun FutureTech. Teams of 2-3 people in ages 10-99 years old was welcome. Tobbe and Harri joined in as Team LA²FOL but a mistake between PC and Mac named us LA"FOL instead. LA²FOL stands for LudvikA Adult Fans Of LEGO.

We was there last year as well and came last, but we still got a prize for "most ambitious design". This year we were there just to have fun, just lake last year, which we did on both occasions. We still managed to get on second place and won another box of LEGO...

Harri studies the programming language, about time.

Split course for two teams to battle simultaneously. The "base" behind the first black line where handling the robot is allowed, positioning and chaingeing equipment etc.. On the black lines #2 and #3 there are five "rocks" that need to be harvested back to base, each rock is worth 20 points. Furthermore, if the rocks are placed in the container they are worth 30 points each (if they are delivered on the opposing teams side they get the points). On the red separator between the two teams there are two "drums", if they are pushed down onto the own half of the table they generate 30 points each. If barrels or rocks are placed on the opponents side they get the points, better be careful. Max points is 260 and each game lasts in 90 seconds.

Harri building.

Our robot. On the front we have a rake for bringing back the rocks (in it's up position) and on top an arm for bringing home the barrels (also in it's up position). We motorized these so that the robot could fit in the base. In one go we push down the barrels and comb home the rocks. Then we change to a dumping mechanism and places the rocks on this, then the robot drives out and delivers the rocks. The robot was not 100% reliable, sometimes we gave away a barrel to the opponents and sometimes the rocks fell of the dumper. Our scores was pretty stable between 200 and 230, on training we managed the full 260.

Testing the robots.

Tobbe awaits his turn to test the robot.


Best construction design.

2nd place, which we won. I gave away my half to Harri.

1st price.


Tobbe testing.

Going up stairs to change the code, each test run included this narrow stairs (there's a slide for coming down).

Harri back at building.

Posing with the touch sensor, we only used the light sensor and three motors.

The game is on!


Two robots heading for the same barrel, had been fun with some direct contact.

The winning team on the left, they used a wide "rake" to get the rocks back to base. Simple and very effective.

Team "The Mamas and The Papas" whipping down a barrel. The only other adult team, not very surprising they were parents to children of other teams.

Team work: Two building, one playing pinball. :)


There was a table for testing on the same floor but it was aligned to the wall so our arm could not be used there.


The Mamas and The Papas, or at least half of them. We beat them in the semis.

Winners: Team Y:son.

Second place: Tobbe and Harri.

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