Sunday, March 23, 2003

Cayenne Venom

Cayenne Venom started with the übercool reverse knee legs Mark Neumann posted instructions for. I put 'em together with some alterations and figured I wanted to build a quadramech. Don't ask why since I honestly don't know. I started producing legs 'en masse but soon found myself low on those great little 1 x 1 bricks with studs on all sides. So I rushed to the local toy store and bought another of the Star Wars Mini Podracer sets.

Like the good people at have taught me I played some good 'ol music, AC-DC. After I had decided on what colors to use I quickly scanned all of my part bins after orange parts. Those ended up in a nice little pile of their own.

While building the scorpion thingie at the back AC-DC sang "Inject the Venom" and half the name was born. The other half came while cooking when the cayenne pepper reminded me of the orange highlights of the Mech to be.

When it was time for bed I had a real challenge to let go and go to sleep. I could never have dreamed it would be so much fun to let the bricks do the talking. If I found a cool part I tried to see what part of the Mech it would be and made a use for it. Amazing, really!

After a rather hefty shopping frenzy and about four intense building sessions I figured I was done. I sat the newly built mecha away for a while. Whenever I got a chance too I stood and stared at it, trying to spot weak points and things that needed approvement. I even brushed my teeth in front of it!

Now I think of it as done!


Cayenne venom has four legs, a flat snakelike head with Capsaicin fangs, spikes and pointy stuff all over and a scorpion stinger at the back. The tip of the stinger has a Serrano laser attached to it. At the back there are two orange Habanero bombs that look confusingly a lot like orange minifig heads.

The spiky armor, Serrano laser and Habanero bombs are mostly for close-up fighting but the laser has a hefty effect of not less then 15k SHU so it can shoot at longer ranges too.

An additional long-range weapon are the dual missile pods. These are located under the armor in the body of the Mech. They can be deployed and ready to fire within seconds. However, this will reduce the armor seriously and expose the vital machinery.

There is one Jalapeño and one Red Savina class missile combo on each side for a total of four missiles. The mech has an additional supply of these missiles however it needs to close the missile hatches to reload. There is a total of 16 missiles when the Mech is ready for battle.

Weapon Effect (in Scoville Heat Units or SHU for short)
Serrano laser 15k SHU
Habanero bomb x 2 300k SHU
Jalapeño missile x 12 4k SHU
Red Savina missile x 4 577k SHU
Capsaicin fangs 15 million SHU

CV is a ground mech but it can spread it legs and jump longer distances.

ROAR! Seriously, you don't want to be this close. The fangs are, uhm, lethal!

Running in for a bite!


You're a microsecond away from discovery and about three hours away from death! CV likes to play a bit first...

Missiles deployed and the internal machinery kind of visible.

The other side looks identical.

Here's the back. Not totally unlike a skunk this beast blows stuff backwards. Totally unlike the skunk however this load is lethal!

Ready to launch those missiles...

Doggy want to play fetch?

Candidate for most suspicious pose!

Soaring like a, uhm, turkey?

However still far from safe this is probably the safest direction to approach and then run away from. Like the above photo shows CV can fly/jump shorter distances but is no real flyer. The missiles are though and laser beams tend to be affected very little by gravity...

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