Sunday, December 15, 2002

SweBrick III - General

A LEGO-meeting in Ludvika with short notice during the Lucia weekend 2002. The interest was big but the participants few, only four people; Tobbe, Harri, Röde and Adam.

The main attraction was a competition inspired by The Reverend Powell Smith's ULV, an Ultimate LEGO Vehicle contest, or in short: ULV.

The ULV-competition got it's own blogg post, see it here.

The ULV took the whole first evening to complete, but since we had so much fun we also met up the next day to do everything else.

Among other things we did another relay-building session like the one Anders Isaksson arranged back i January. The relay-building also got a separate blogg post here.

Of course lot's of other things was done during the weekend and that's what in this post.

Friday night and everything is in the premises.

Some of the official models on display. From left to right: 8851 (alternative model), 8841 (alternative model), 8845 (alternative model), 8853 (alternative model), 8480 and 8457.

The conference room is set up, let the conference start!

All the figures.

Wheels for the ULV-competition.

The SweLUG-logo and a remote controlled Killough.

Price table. 1374 Green Goblin was won by Röde for his achievements in the ULV. 4731 Dobby's Release, the only price left on Sunday won by Harri for his driving of the Killough and feeling when it comes to the 8480 Space Shuttle-launching. 6733 Snap's Cruiser won by Adam for longest drive to get to the meeting (111 km from Västerås).

While waiting for Röde and Adam Tobbe tested if the old wind-up motor still works, which it does!

Harris eyes got big.

Paus in the ULV-comp for pizza.

The logo again.

Tobbe kidnapped a solar panel from one of Rödes eLab-boxes and tried it out on Stampe. The florescent lights was not enough and no sun outside. Holding it up close to a light bulb made the feet move though.

Tobbe built his first Adder/Subtracter, based on the design by Stefano Prosseda.

Röde lab:ing with one of the eLab-boxes.

Harri and Adam building miscellaneous stuff.

Killoughdrivingcontest, hit all the minifigs on yello-blue bases but don't touch the others. Röde won this. Next time the goal was to hit every minifig regardless in shortest time, won by Harri.

Harri drives.

Tobbe, who has built the platform and driven two previous ones, failed miserably. He blames that the controls got reveres so left became right...

To separate Harri and Röde another contest was quickly arranged, launch the 8480 Space Shuttle. The goal was to come as close to the wall as possible, but if the wall was touched the round was lost. Two rounds each. Harri came closest to the wall and thus won the Killough contest.

Adam also wanted to give it a go but launched it so hard that the Shuttle suddenly was beyond repairs... Huston, we have a problem.

Röde moves the Shuttle back with the Killough.

Inspecting the clever drive mechanism on the 8457.

Harri watches the pneumativ engine in motion.

As a thanks for the arranging of the meeting Adam, Harri and Röde surprised with a 4585 Nitro Pulverizer. Thus all four had got a box of LEGO each. Adam was told to build his with out using the instructions, and so to not let him be alone in this task Tobbe gave a go at the 4585 but failed.

The penumatic engine Tobbe built after CSSho's design.

Sunday, 19:47 and the conference room is back in order. A big thanks to Röde and Adam for participating, a thanks to Koneo that let us use the premises and a special thanks to Harri who helped sorting the bricks and transporting them back to Tobbe.

SweBrick III - Relay

This was part of SweBrick III, for other things that took place see here.

Relay building

Simple and fun, this is how it's done:

Gather a group of friends and a pile o' bricks. Tell everybody to start building something on a give theme, like vehicles, space or animals. Decide a number of bricks to attach, in this case 15. When everyone but the last person has attached 15 bricks the creations are passed along to the next person, the last person building drops what's he/she is doing - times up. This is to reduce the wait between relays. When everybody has had a go at each creation they are returned to the first person who tells what he/she intended to build and tries to interpret what was actually made.

Since we were but four persons we sat the limit at 15 bricks so that each creation became about 60 bricks each.

The building has begun, the theme this time is space.

While waiting for Adam and Röde, Tobbe passes time by sorting bricks from the ULV.

Harri, Röde and Adam after four rounds of relay, that'll say 16 constructions.

The first theme was space. What started as a cockpit ended up as jaws on some ROV.


Complete with a BURP!

Exploration vehicle?

This was supposed to become ISS but turned into an scorpion ship with a lamp?

Next theme was animals. Here we see a bird or an insect with jet-engines in the wingtips... It was supposed to be a snail...

The giraffe that mated with an dromedary?

Can't recall what it was meant to bee and not say what it became, but it was hilarious!

Harri went nuts in the end and gave what-ever-it-is a lot of hair...

Sfinx or lion? It became roughly what it was supposed to be...

On the theme vehicles Tobbe tried to make a space rocket but it became more of a strange phone booth?

Adam begun making a roller skate and it turned out pretty good!

Röde intended to make a snow mobile...


On the theme boats we made this lovely submarine, complete with a small boat on tow - blrp!

Catamaran from the movie Waterworld?

Pretty OK sailing boat.

Space is always lurking around the corner in relay building...

Deconstruction of all creations...