Monday, March 31, 2003

8448 Super street sensation

Okay, so this is a really great set. Well, perhaps not that great. But it has a LOT of pieces and they come in handy when trying to build your own creations. The model got a working five gear gearbox, plus reverse gear (that makes it a six geared box actually). It has suspension on all four wheels and a bunch of styling. Even though I somewhat dislike these new styling parts w/o pegs I kinda like this set.

I even liked it enough to buy me another one when I found it on sale :)

The worst thing about this set is that it's kinda sloppy in the chassis. If you hold it in front and back it's very easy to twist the whole car lengthwise. Se my pictures on Brickshelf (link below).

Year 1999, 1408 pieces.

It's a nice looking car you got there..

Contents of box. Notice that the different sub models are packed inside an own box. This helps building the model but I dislike it never the less! I like to rumble through heaps of new parts and finding a never before ssen part: "Hey! What's this?!?" Of course it takes longer to assemble the model but that's only fun.

Also notice, there is one instruction booklet for the chassis and another for the body work.

Dunno what to say. The trunk and gull wing doors open, the five speed (plus reverse) gear box works, fw steering, suspension on all four wheels and a V8 engine...

This is how the doors open.

There are different types of body works to choose from in the second instruction booklet, I chose this one. Another nice one is the cabriolet version.

Details :)

The prettiest LEGO wheels ever?


Peeking in.

And here is the cockpit.

Gearbox. This is the only Technic set I used the sticker sheet on since my dark ages.

Instrumentation, notice that the RPM meter is almost on red, perfect condition for a car like this. The speedometer tells us that the driver is just about to shift to the third gear ,)

This is a view you can, but shouldn't, enjoy while driving.

Front wheel. Don't look at this either while driving.

Looks mean huh?

Bye bye...!

Some nice gears. This is underneath the gearbox.

This is in front of the gear box. I like these new style gears!

The differential.

Back wheel setup with the spring shocks and everything.


The engine is easy to uninstall by taking two 1 x 2 bricks away.

The car looks sad doesn't it?

This is the front wheel setup.

Yup, here it is. The almighty V8!

This is the parts that was left over when I was finished. A sad little pile rejected from glory and fame by the evil instruction manual.

To get even we put on some abuse on the car. I took a steady hold on front and aft and gave the car a lil' twist. The doors sprung open. Notice how much the chassis actually bend!

Twisting in the other direction. I don't use that much force. I was never afraid that something might snap (it didn't either).

Se more in my large collection of photos of this model on Brickshelf.

Great pieces

It comes with a lot of pieces, okay so a lot of them are pins that go directly to the overflow bin, but it has:
Huge sport wheels
Lot's of black beams
A bunch of gears
Styling parts that can be used to cover huge holes in you own models (I'm thinking about my Hercules project and the large panels)


Building instruction on Brickshelf (N/A)
Inventory on Peeron
Set reference on Lugnet
Jim Hughes Technica

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