Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The Johnson Family

Meet the Johnson family...

Here's misses Johnson, she likes gardening and flowers a lot.

This is mister Johnson. He's not that thrilled about flowers. Although he has his time consuming hobby:

Tractor pulling! He feels it's a great hobby. Especially since he get to spend a lot of time with their son, Adam. But where is he?

Ah! There he is, hiding behind the big tractor. He's not that pleased to be caught in photos. He was bullied a lot in school before the family moved to the countryside.

Since Tractor pulling is a rather time consuming hobby, Mrs. Johnson has to tell her "boys" -as she likes to call them- to help out with the house hold every now and then. Like now.

The lawn needs moving...

...and the house needs a little vacuum cleaning.

Mrs. Johnson is a loving wife and mother. She knows how much these tasks hurt the boys backs. So she is quick to offer some cold lemonade and cookies when the grass have been raked out of the garden.

Like already mentioned, the Johnson family moved to the country side. This helped Adam find new friends, here he his with some of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

SweBrick IV - General

When we moved to a bigger apartment I could arrange a meeting at home, this was decided to be 11th of April to 13th och April 2003.

Those who attended at some point during the weekend was:

Tobbe Arnesson, Anki Granholm, Johan Vettefors, Harri Manni, Joha Manni, Daniel Rydmell, Emil Wihlén, Anna Sol-Sonnerklev, Sofia, Anders Isaksson and Jonatan Isaksson.

All in all eleven people, the greatest number of attendees in Swedish history! Four of these have posted on Lugnet.

The schedule was changed a bit and in the end this is what happened (the links lead to blogg posts about these events):

Friday: Sumo competition with Mindstorms.
Saturday: Ultimate LEGO Vehicle.
Sunday: Relay building.

Besides all that a lot of other building took place, see below.

Daniel "Ryddan" Rydmell is building an airplane of mostly parts of The Red Baron.

Emil "skåning" Wihlén is building a robot of mostly Spybotics-parts.

Johan "concept" Vettefors is building one of Tobbes official models.

Ryddan tinkering with Emils robot.

Johan building yet another model.

Anki watches TV.

Ryddan and Emils finished robot.


Ryddans airplane.

Tobbe built a space ship that would make .space green of envy if they ever was allowed to see it!

Emil and Ryddans robot again.

Saturday. Johan busy building.

Hamburgers after the ULV-contest. Anna, Anki Sofia and Emil.

Johan building.

Tobbe built a new space ship, this time for transportation.

The prizes. 4096 Micro Wheels went to Harri in the ULV-comp, 4097 Mini Robots to Tobbe in the Sumo-comp and 4098 High Flyers for traveling the furthest to reach the event.

Sunday. Jonatan "whirlwind" Isaksson and Anders "BlockCAD" Isaksson has arrived.

Johan and Anders.

Anders micro creations, on the far left some of Johans.

Anders, Harri and Johan.

Anders, Jonatan and Harri.

Harri plays with his prize.

Harri, Anders, Jonatan and Johan.

Some of Johans concepts.

Tobbes tunnel boring machine, inspired by The Random LEGO Set Name Generator.

Jonatan drives trains.

Anders and Harri.

Harri built a trebuché.

Check out the face on Anders. :D

The trains have been put to the Jonatan-test.


Harri made a friend to Cayenne Venom.

Harri sorts bricks.

Everything cleared away again.

One final peak at Ryddans airplane