Monday, March 31, 2003

6540 Pier Police

Bought as part of a big deal. I'm surprised this set does not come with a helicopter :)

Year 1991, 327 pieces

That's a crowded port :)

Back. This set uses SNOT which is the first set I've noticed it in...

One of the boats.

And a _very_ small police car. It's also cropped 'cause I'm a bad photographer at times :)

Front, notice the dark gray tiles that take hits from the boats and protect them.

And an MC.

Side, the blue ventilation "ladder" on the side of the house is part of the SNOT technique used.

I like those bars, but I dunno what I can use them in yet :)

The white 1 x 2 tile should have a POLICE print on it.

Nice motor.

Top view.

Great pieces

Black windows


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Set reference on Lugnet
Jim Hughes Technica (N/A)

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