Friday, April 9, 2004

Alkohol and ULV

Invited some friends for drinks and Ultimate LEGO Vehicle, this should be interesting!

Began by dropping the box of 2x2 plates on the floor.

Living room set for building.

Some welcome drinks, rather stiff Tequila Sunrises.

Candy for the masses!

Building has begun!

Tobbe all psyched up!

Harri appears to be psyching down?

The vehicles are done, time to hand out esthetic's-points.

Musbil (mouse car) by Jenny.

HĂ€sttransport (horsecar) by Anna.

Absolut Chromata by Tobbe.

Bonneville by Ryddan.

Redrum Mk II by Harri.

Vehicelo Logelo by Harri (to make it an even number of vehicles).

ApropÄ (apropos) by Anki.

Anna and Jenny were so even that it took three runs to separate them.

Harri blocks of Anki.

Tobbe leaves Jenny well behind.

Harri vs. Harri.

Harri vs. Jenny.

Tobbe vs. Harri, love the face Harri! :D

Speed-round finished, time to judge how far the vehicles can go.

Harri did not make it very far.

Neither did Anki.

Once that was finished, it was time for food.

Now, let's jump right into the action! Here's Jenny.


Tobbes vehicle soars like the brick it is...

Ryddan whips out a FAT table top!

Anki shows off the undercarriage.

Tobbe keeps track of results.

Anki doing some repairs.

Time for the bonus event, destruction derby! The vehicles are pushed hard into head on collisions until one of them is unable to roll any more, no repairs allowed. First up Jenny vs. Anna.

Tobbe vs. Ryddan.

Harri vs. Anki.

This took forever but eventually Anki was unable to continue.

Tobbe vs. Jenny.

Okay, that might have been the end...

Harri vs. Harri was a short game.

Harri vs. Beer took a while longer.

Tobbe vs. Harri.

In the end Tobbe won and got (to keep) the prize!

1. Tobbe
2. Anna
3. Harri

All vehicles in pieces again. The destruction derby was hard on the bricks...