Tuesday, May 15, 2001


This is a LEGO version of a toy that was popular when I was a formal kid. I never got one since they were rather expensive. They were made of a lot of nails and some plexi. My LEGO version has a pretty bad resolution but still I like the idea :)

This is the backside after my g/f Anki pressed her face to the Gizmo.

Unimpressed .) This thingie used almost all of my half bushing and #4 cross axles. It's resolution is 15x15 which equals 225 #4 cross axles and 450 half bushings.

Bugger off. If you feel offended, well, geesh. I had trouble coming up with stuff that looked like sumfin'...

Anki's face again.



Bugger off again... Sorry :)

And here's a pic of the stand/support. I got no clue why I have this pic here since it does not show anything new...