Monday, March 31, 2003

8660 Arctic rescue unit

This set has been with me for quite some time and I recall playing with it a lot. I got it for Christmas back in 1986 as did two of my class mates :)

The six-wheeled polar vehicle has four wheel steering and a ramp at it's back that also doubles as a door for the cargo bay. Inside this bay there is a small "caterpillar". The set comes with two technic dudes but I've lost one of them :(

Year 1986, 380 pieces.

Ski's, rods, six-wheel, four wheel steering and a small plow, this is arctic all right :)

Back hatch opens.

Vehicle tilts...

Here's the little plow or [name that fits such a vehicle].

Rear - duh!

Tilt's also.

The pulley on top steers.

Four wheel steering.

Open for business.

There is no way the driver of the little snowplow can remain inside it while driving it in the truck so I guess it's winched in or something.

Here's the alternative model, I guess it's some form of ice-drill!?

Don't know what to say.


One of the medium pulley's rotate the screw while the other...

...raises the whole boom.

Left side and...



Great pieces

Technic tread links
White beams
One of the first sets with the worm gear?


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