Monday, March 31, 2003

6389 Fire Control Center

No town is complete w/o a fire station of some kind. I never owned one myself before the dark ages, but then again I did not have a lot of fires in my towns :)

Bought as part of a large deal.

Year 1991, 516 pieces

Awaiting an accident so they can go get busy...

And loo and behold! It happened! All units are gone, left is the chief with his coffee machine, a nice touch to the model btw.

As someone said at Lugnet, what's up with that future looking car?

The back is a tad more appealing though.

And it even opens to show the guts :)

Those car ports are nifty :)

And the compulsory heli in all it's glory and might.

That's a nice jeep but I would prefer a ladder car/truck.

Notice the inverted sloping big windows, I hope to use these in a big Mecha someday...

Update: See Lucifer!

The flag on top of it all is a nice touch and adds a lot of life into this set IMHO. It's cool to see a small brick like that do so much...

Great pieces

As mentioned, the windows are cool.
The garage doors are also quite cool but I'm having trouble seeing them in a MOC as is. But who knows?


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