Monday, March 31, 2003

6387 Coastal Rescue Base

Another set bought as part of a large deal. Don't recall seeing it before that deal though. Has a nice Jeep in it. Talk about Baywatch LEGO, but where's Pamela? :) (Actually, I prefer Erica Eleniak but that's a completely different story)

Year 1989, 351 pieces all it's glory.


Here's one of the vehicles, it tows a small boat. Rather nice if you ask me.

That's a clever and common design on outboard engines.


And no rescue themed "house" is complete without a helicopter it seems.

Still, it's a pretty nice heli.

And here's the Jeep I tend to like.

To bad it has a fire hose though, not common for baywatchers to put put fires as far as I know. Perhaps it's a silicone pump for the female actresses?

Great pieces

Bars and the pretty nice windows.


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Inventory on Peeron
Set reference on Lugnet
Jim Hughes Technica (N/A)

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