Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Gunhead/ Lynx Mk II

This was a tanklike creation that was supposed to carry an automatic gun fireing Technic cross axles. I made the treads myself and got problems with the drive. Since I grew tired of the project and had major trouble with the gundesign (never fitted and not shown) I gave up.


"Finished" 2002-02-27 but no major changes after 2002-01-03.

Featured two gears, differential lock, radio control, suspension

Under construction

Links made of halfbeams and cross axles.

Gearboxes. One for each side. Did work but could have been improved.

Links fitted, each of the lower wheels are mounted with suspension.

The two micromotors on the sides shift between high and low gear. The central motor locks the dif.

Servos fitted.

Controls fitted onto servos.


As good as it got.

Due to the 8448 wheels slipping inside the links I tried with this wheel as well. Still there was a lot of slippage and I was out of ideas.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002


Having bought a lot of standard sets used I built them all upp to check that no piecs were missing. While having them all assembled my g/f and I made a small city of official sets.


New building with painter and a carpenter.

City from beachside

From firestation side.

Gas station.

Beach with picnic tables.

No LEGO town is complete w/o an accident. Note the skidmarks, blood and fire.

To the rescue!

Another view.

Swim with the shark and waves.

Water skiing fun.

Beach rescue central.

Another accident view


New building again.

Filming a space movie.

More space

Fly by...