Saturday, October 19, 2002

Lynx Mk. III

I felt like doing another tank and as always I ended up building big. I had a lot of fun creating the "camouflage" on this one. I see it as a lesson in "greebling" as the spacers call it.

Mk III is easy to explain, I've already done Mk I and Mk II :)

The tank is not design to look like anything real, I just putted the bricks togheter in a way that "felt" right. I like building this way. I'm not patient enough to make big MOC's real looking :)


Radio controlled.
Four 9V motors, two for drive (controlled sperately to allow tank-steering) and two for the turret (left/right & up/down).

Here's what it looked like on 2002-10-12. A good view on how the frame is constructed. Basically the tank is a frame covered with plates. Nothing fancy.

2002-10-19, a week later it is finished. I did not build the whole week as you might imagine. The progress was quite fast, I just had other stuff to do. This is a view of the front. The neon 2 x 2 slope bricks are supposed to be head lights.

In retrospect I should have made a second go at that turret. The hoses are supposed to be some sort of smoking laying thingie to make the tank "disapear".

Notice the black minifig head used in the end of the gun.

The bright LEGO colors is not ideal for camouflage in Swedish autumn forest but overall I'm pleased how it turned out.

Front again.

Overall the tank worked like a charm. The major flaw was the 1 x 6 plates constantly popping off the chain links but I could live with it. Another issue is raising or lowering the barrel, when the motor shut off it would continue spinning a short while so you had to turn the engine off before the barrel was at the requested height.

I shot some video on it but I'm too lazy to edit, convert and upload that now :) Later.

This MOC ate all of my 1 x 6 plates in black, I had to "steal" some of them while building other stuff (not shown).

Camouflage is done in black, green, brown, tan and light/dk gray.

Action shot.

Don't go any further...


And a few indoor photos. I have since found the ISO setting on my camera so photos don't look grainy anymore, it's a brand new camera in these conditions. I don't know why I tell you since these are from the Auto ISO setting days, guess I just ran out of things to say. Blah!

::I'm quiet now, in case you did not notice::

*shhh* I'm trying to see how that camouflage is done!

Well, GEEE! I'm *so* SORRY! :-)

Readers that have been to LoTek before might ask what music is corrupting my brain this time, the horrid truth is that I don't play any at the moment! :-D

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