Saturday, October 5, 2002

6617 Tough Truck Rally

Bought Autumn 2002.

Year 2000, 376 pieces

Minifig has crocodile pattern on his her chest. She also has green hair to replace the helmet.

There's a rubberband keeping the "wheel arms" togheter acting like a sort of suspension.

Both "Monster Trucks" can be lowered and the box suggests driving under obstacles.

Minifig has a shark on his chest. His smile looks like a rat with big front teeth.

A jump. I suppose this could have been constructed out of ordinary bricks as well.


An obstacle to jump over, the 2 x 4 stacks are not attached to the obstacle.

The brown drums can rotate around it's axis thus making this obstacle really difficult to pass.

One of the biggest boxes on the market judging from piece count?

Each model has it's own polybag. Each bag is packed as an individual set in terms of extra pieces. Eg. each sub-poly bag contaning 1 x 1 round plates has one extra per color. I'm not complaining :-) In fact this set has good playability and I would have liked it as a kid - I somewhat like it as an AFOL.

Great pieces

Probably 8-)


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