Thursday, October 24, 2002

8853 Excavator


This excavator has some realistic functions, tilt of bucket, raising/lowering the bucket and turning. It's also very rigid in it's construction and -this is always appealing to me- it's yellow!

It has a light on the roof that steers the wheels, a crank on the engine hood to control the scoop and another in the back of the engine. I can't remember witch crank does what.

The set also has some nice wheels which are made from solid rubber = can carry a lot of weight. Unfortunately the rims is completely flat so the tire tends to slip of :( BUT! The rims can make a great steam roller part... *thinks* Yep! Sure can!

Year 1988, 332 pieces.


No pictures yet

Great pieces

Lot's of yellow parts :)


Building instruction on Brickshelf
Inventory on Peeron
Set reference on Lugnet
Jim Hughes Technica

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