Saturday, October 5, 2002

5958 Mummy's Tomb

Bought Autumn 2002.

Year 1998, 253 pieces

The "hero" car.

That midle peice is the worst case of juniorization I've ever seen, instead of two seats and doors it's only one piece.
While I'm beating on that drum, could they not set the rear wheels any further back? :-)

Pretty lousy set but I got a good price on it (50%).
The stone sculpture behind the black minifig slides thus making the spear trap fall. The red thingie with the mumie in the middle can be rotated.

Great pieces

My first BURP (Big Ugly Rock Piece)
My NLSO thinks the printed bricks look's nice (any positive comments is worth typing)


Building instruction on Brickshelf (N/A)
Inventory on Peeron
Set reference on Lugnet
Jim Hughes Technica (N/A)

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