Sunday, October 26, 2003

SweBrick V - Relay building

This was part of a larger event, see the events general page.

Everybody starts building something on a theme, say "space". After 15 bricks have been attached the construction is passed along to the next person. When the creation is back with it's originator it is done.

If five people join in there will thus be five creations of approximately 5 x 15 pieces. To put some preassure on everybody building the swaps are at the same time and when all but one has put in their 15 pieces. Thus there are no guarantees that you have time to attach 15 pieces before you need to pass it along (and occasionally you add a few more).

This is only fun if everybody tries their best to do something sensible about the whole thing, if somebody puts in odd pieces to sabotage the fun is lost. When passing the creation along you don't communicate what you had in mind, it's up to the next builder to interpret and use their imagination.


Trying to see what it became and what it was supposed to be.

Space ship in the works?


Example of what you might get to work with, this under the theme "racing".

Some finished constructions under the theme racing. Note the squid!

Creative use of a head in the bag net, it was not that easy to get it out again.

Some became better then others...

The first builder intended a front spoiler for a F1-car, Tobbe thought it was a plane. But what did it become?

New theme, animals. Tobbe tried to make an elephant but...

What became the hind legs was supposed to be eyes!?

New theme, space. Karl tried to make an satellite but it became more of MIR?

Eric was set on using the tractor bucket.

Pretty successful considering how it was made!

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