Sunday, October 26, 2003

SweBrick V - Moonbase

This was part of a larger event, see the events general blogg post.

The theme for things to build at home and bring along was modules for a common moonbase, based on Anders Isakssons 16x microstandard.

Oskar plays with the modules before they got moved to the apartment, it was too big to fit in the venue.

The modules in the apartment.

Modules being placed out.

Space-paparazzi Eric stalks the base.

Close up on one of the Isaksson-family modules.

Tobbes restaurant.

Staring to look like something.

Ankis bath module.

Tobbes charter landing place has been invaded by a Millenium Falcon. In the background a revolving air lock can be seen.

May the force be with you! The idea of the space men is borrowed from Brian Muzas.

One of the windows on Tobbes church.

Isakssons repair shop.

Nano figs with head ornaments.

Almost all modules in place.



Close ups! :)



All modules in place!



The Isakssons repair shop again.

More of the Isakssons modules.

Johans elevator module.

Harris factory.

Ankis bath and tanning, made second place in the "vote for best module".

Tobbes hotel.

Some of Johans modules with "extended" standard.

Harris radar tower.

Emils module with out roof has got a rat problem. A huge rat problem!

Misc. modules.

Nessie on the moon?

Henriks green house.


Ryddans blue module with the antennae up.


Satellite dish.


Tobbes church, first prize.

Tobbes cosy corner with the lights on.


Revolving tower with needles and lights.


Close up on Henriks green house.

Harris vehicle.

Tobbes hotel in it's parts.

The church with out roof.

The Isaksson restaurant.


Isakssons three step module.

Isakssons living room.

Ryddans secret weapon deployed.

Under the roof of Tobbes charter landing platform.

One of the Isaksson modules with hinges.

Close up on some charter tourists.

Tobbes suspended bridge, guaranteed not air tight.

Inside Isakssons station.

Tobbes church.



The Priest in Tobbes church about to perform a moon wedding ceremony.

Harris tower, which he upgraded to be taller then Tobbes - with Tobbes bricks. Bastard!

Another peek inside Isakssons station.

Tobbes elevator, the module also have lights.

Set up again.

Oskar playing with the base.


Close up.

Quite clustered!

Tobbe moves up in the world.

All builders except Emil and Anki.

The people in .space thinks Fleebnorks is a problem, they have never wrestled with a giant mutated space-rat which is vacuum resistant!

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