Sunday, October 26, 2003

SweBrick V - Blind folded

This was part of a larger event, see the general blogg post for more things that took place.

Blind folded building. Every contender got a blind fold, an instruction and a closed box with all the bricks from the set. The contenders then got five minutes to memorize the instructions. Then it was time for the blind fold and to open the boxes...

The set used was 7409 Secret of the Tomb with 41 pieces.

Five people stepped up to the challenge, in the order they succeed: Johan, Henrik, Emil, Karl and Harri.

It took them about 20 minutes to build this little set, it was great fun to watch! Johan finished first, closely followed by Henrik. Then Harri gave up, a while later Karl also gave up. Last to finish was Emil but he did not give up which gave him third place! As a prize they got to keep the set's they've built (or tried to build).

The idea came from Minx.

Studying the instructions.

Deep in concentration.

Blind folds on!

Ready ... set ... go!

A frantic rustle burst out as five people tried to open the bag with the parts with out spreading it's content all over the room.

Ah! There's the other leg!

Gah! Where is that brick!?

Eric helps out and returns lost pieces.

Harri has given up and tried to see what went wrong.

All sets as finished as they got. Harri, Karl, Emil, Henrik and Johan.

Harri had some problems attaching the arms and legs to the skeleton! :D

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