Sunday, October 26, 2003

SweBrick V - Misc. creations

This is but a small part of a larger event, see the events general page.

Let loose a bunch of AFOL's among bricks and a lot of spontaneous creations and design studies will emerge. SweBrick V was no exception on this rule.

Anki decided to build LEGO jewelery, here's a necklace...

...ring and bracelet...

...and a pretty uncomfortable ear ring.


Space ship by Henrik.

Russian launch vehicle by Harri.

Cowboy Be-bop by Harri.

Is it a boat or a space ship? Never the less, it was made by Johan.

Emergency rescue shuttle? Probably Johan again.

Chili Binks and a small ship, by Johan.

More space by Johan.

Skull by Harri.

Car by Emil.

Snail by Harri.

Space ship by someone.

Firetruck by Ryddan.

Robots by Oskar, age four.

Robot by unknown.

Spaceship by unknown.

London bus by Emil.

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