Thursday, August 6, 2009


Went to visit a friend in Copenhagen. While in Denmark I just had to go to Billund and LEGOLAND for the first time. Enjoyed Miniland a lot but as there are already tons and tons of good photos from there on The Interweb™ I wont post that many...

Here's the real thing shot another day:

And here's the LEGO replica.

Café "Pitten" and it's menu of sodas next to the Traffic School. In Swedish this literately means "The dick", I did not want to drink anything from it. :D

Miniland was invaded by some mallards, made some good waves for the boats. :D

Best thing about LEGOLAND was the amazing Power Builder ride, strap down yourself into a gigantic industrial robot and ride what you programmed. Tons of fun! Here's someone else's video of it:

Unfortunately the park was crowded with kids and what not so there was a looong line for most attractions. Shame, I'd love to ride the Power Builder several times. There's always next time...

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