Saturday, December 27, 2008

RobotWars bot

In March 2005 there was an AFOL-event i Karlskoga with RobotWars, for that I built this robot and in the end won the competition. To learn more about the event see the page for SweBrick VII.

Most of my bricks went into storage but I kept the robot and a RIS-set at hand in case my fingers got the itch. It took a while but the itch came and I decided to tear down the robot and build something else instead. But first I had to snap a shot or two...


In the middle I had an arm for lifting via pneumatics, four airtanks that I pumped manually before combat but also an on board compressor. The arm was way to weak to do any difference once into combat...

In the back I had two big wheels that spun fast to bounce away enemies that attacked from behind. The batteries for this function drained and the wheels hardly spun at all. I had two small battery boxes for these wheels and the compressor and two big battery boxes for propulsion.

Guts. I had four motors per wheel hooked to the battery boxes via a number of electrical plates arranged to put out 18V instead. Here's a guide how to build that, but stay cautious!

It was a lot of parts in this robot. :-O

In the end I never built anything with the parts...

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