Sunday, March 6, 2005

SweBrick VII

Written 2nd of December 2009.

Olof arranged SweBrick VII in Karlskoga, or SweLUG as it was called back then.

When Harri and Tobbe arrived Akira, Andréas, Jonatan and Johan were playing BrickWars.

One of the activities was RobotWars, this is my robot.

Olofs monorail. What's it called? Monorail!

Akiras weapon of destruction.

Andréas did not have time to build his robot at home...


Some of Olofs gray bricks for his Catalina.


Andréas tries to design a weapon.

Olof cooks while Anders reads the recipe...

Akira made a Swleug sign.

...and building...

Parts of Olofs Catalina-project.

Tobbe helped Andréas with a weapon...


Time to build vehicles for the ULV!

Almost equally fast, yeah?

Quixote know no boundaries.

...and got smashes against Tobbes bone. D'oh!

Timy-time was faster up-side-down, here against Audrey.

Råsie literately flies down the slope...

Fly-hair-high in smithereens.

BULLdozer could go this far, but did not manage in competition.

Copa-hop has jumped, or not.

l33t sn4x0r never made it over the jump.


BATTmobile goes long!

Crash & burn is about to...

You missed the "soft" landing pad...

Quixote overshot the landing...

...and suffered the consequences.

Results in the ULV:

1. Tobbe and Quixote 60 p.
2. Akira and Crash & Burn 56 p.
3. Harri and BATTmobil 50 p. (he would have won if the length had been it's max)
4. Pernilla and Audrey 49 p.
5. Carin and Fly-hair-high 43 p.
6. Johan and Sir Blackwood 39 p.
7. Anders and BULLdozer 38 p.
8. Jenny and Råsie 34 p.
9. Andréas and Copa-hop 30 p. (won one subcomp)
10. Olof och Ford Y 30 p. (did not win any subcomp)
11. Andréas and Timy-time 19 p.
12. Jonatan and l33t sn4xx0r 17 p.

It would seem Harri is none to pleased with his third place?

Typical SUV in metropolitan Sweden, all that terrainness ruined with slicks...

It would seem Andréas finally finalized his robot! Quixote is afraid!

Harris X-wing.


Andréas building in blindness.


Olof memorizes the instructions.

Results set 6532
1. Andréas, 3 mistakes with the time 6:06.2 = 7:36.2
2. Harri, 1 mistakes with the time 8:35.7 = 9:05.7
3. Olof, 2 mistakes with the time 8:10.4 = 9:10.4
4. Akira, 4 mistakes with the time 10:02.0 = 12:02.0
5. Tore, 2 mistakes with the time 18:52.4 = 19:52.4

Tobbe unofficial time (I saw everybody else build but did not study the instructions);
0 mistakes with the time 7:26.1

Some old sets

Quite a warm day today.

Tobbe made a design study on a MTB.

Trailer tank with battery box inside.

Time to smash some bricks up! Tobbe with his robot.

Harris controls.

And robot.

Andréas robot.

And Akiras robot.

Andréas and Akira getting ready to battle.

Akira won which gave him +10 points and Andréas -10 points.

Next up: Tobbe vs. Andréas.

Andréas digging that hammer deep into Tobbes robot.

As you might see, Andréas lost this game as well. Tobbe got +6 points and Andréas -8.

Next up: Harri vs. Akira.

Both got negative scores in this round; Harri -6 and Akira -2.

Pause for some heavy repairs...

...which suited Andréas fine since he has not repaired his robot yet!

Next up: Tobbe vs. Akira.

Tobbe won, rendering another +8 while Akira suffered -8.

Now it was time for Andréas to make pieces fly from Harris 'bot.

But in the end Harri won and got +2 while Andréas got -8.

Last round; Harri vs. Tobbe. It was quite even but in the end Tobbe got a +8 and Harri a +5.

Last round, just for the fun of it. MELEE!

Despite the last minute build and heavy losses, it seems Andréas is quite pleased never the less!

Some markings on Harris robot from Andréas clobbering.

Olof kept the scores in some obscure way.

The results in the end:

1. Tobbe got 22 points (+6, +8, +8)
2. Harri got 1 points (-6, +2, +5)
3. Akira got 0 points (+10, -2, -8)
4. Andréas got -23 points (-10, -8, -5)

Just a few more shots of the place.

After this we got a quick pizza and went home.

Huge thanks to Olof for organizing the event and to everybody that came and made it a blast!

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