Sunday, November 14, 2004

SweBrick VI

Written 2nd december 2009.

After much discussion a SweBrick-event (or SweLUG as it was called back then) was about to take place in Jönköping arranged by Andréas Rootzén.

In Jönköping one can buy cheap LEGO! :)

Eric and Oskar in the Hovslätts Missionskyrka.

Harri can't wait to get going on his new set.

Unpacking MOCs.

Tobbes mech.

Building has begun...

Olof and Andréas.

Harris MOC.

Someones barn.

Olof builds a vehicle for ULV, that never took place.

Oskar, now five.

Andréas brother popped in for a visit.

Andréas and two apprentices.

Moonbase building...

Tobbe made a ring of 1x2 bricks, which drew Oskars attention.

Erics moonbase module.

Olof and Andréas joined forces.

Harri made a garage.

Tobbe was not very creative that day...

Joels ship inside Harris garage.

Results after some relay building.

ULV vehicles that never raced.

Tobbe took all of Andréas horses out for a spin.

Harri takes a brake.

The Moonbase is taking shape.

Window by Olof.


Minifig DNA?

Erics revolving airlock.

Olofs lunar vehicle.

A bin of foliage.

Parts of Olofs project to build a Catalina.

Radar on Olofs moonbase module.

Window on Erics bathmodule.

Olofs energy-module.

Joels ship.

Olofs lunar vehicle.

Vehicle for ULV.

Harri made this for the ULV.

Harri in the morning.

GOOD MORNING! Here's my camera flash! *evil grin*

Tobbes MOCs back in the box.



Apparently the church was needed for other things on the Sunday.

In the elevator on the way to Andréas flat, quite cramped.

Andréas stores the bricks.

Harri playing at Upptech.

Ok, let's build!

Tobbe played with patterns.

And so did Harri.

Oskar playing with Tobbes bridge.

Andréas and Eric built pillars for a suspended cable bridge.

...while Olof built the roadway sections.

Andréas ponders how to attach the wires.

Bridge taking shape.

Almost done! And what a bridge!

Perhaps not the flattest bridge out there...

But a seven meter gap is quite impressive!

Will it hold for a 8455 Back-Hoe?

Ready with the camera? I'm letting go now!

Lo and behold!

Nice curvature...

Andréas: I wonder how much I can tilt this column...

Ooops, not that much! :D

The other pillar is still standing proud!

The bridge in smaller chunks...

In Andréas office...

Good times, thanks again Andréas who arranged it and all who participated!

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