Saturday, April 9, 2005


The 2005 installment of Robotkampen arranged by Framtidsmuseet.

This year went went straight for the cheese!

Our robot.



Team SundBorn programming.

Another adult team trying to find the problem.

The KnottHeads.

Two robots got hooked on each other. :D

Harri coming down to compete.

Our robot ready to go. If my memory serves me right we built all the functions on there from the start, no need to change equipment during the competitions.

Bringing home Ruben.

Djurås Vuxna was meticulous with the aim.

And in the end they won it all, and there was much rejoicing! :D

This year we managed to win the "best construction" prize again. :)

Team SundBorn was doped...

This was the last time we participated, the event used to be on Saturdays but got moved to spring brake when Harri and I are at work. :/ Perhaps we'll give it ago again in 2010?

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