Friday, April 11, 2003

SweBrick IV - Sumo

This was part of SweBrick IV, for everything else that happened at this event see the general page.

Sumo wrestling with Mindstorms robots.

A first try to create such a competition in Sweden, two contestants.

The wrestling ring, ran out of tape. D'oh!

17:28, 32 minutes to start. Harri arrives with his "robot".

He has a kink or two to fix before the event...

18:24 and Harri is still busy building.

19:18, Harri has not yet got the programming environment running...

20:10 and the communication is still not working.

21:50, almost four hours after the official start and the robots are ready! In the end Tobbe adapted his code onto Harri robot.

Anki, Joha and Harri ready to see the action.

Harri and Johan.

And they're off!

It was all a blur...

Tobbe pushing Harri towards the ledge.

Tobbe watches closly.

Tobbe makes another attack.

Harri has left the table...

...but what's Tobbe up to?

He drove off the ledge!


Harri tries some shoving.

Harri looses again. 2-1 to Tobbe who wins the fight.

Tobbes robot.

Focus on low center of gravity and high mass.

Combined with low gear ratio and centered light sensor.

Harris robot. Focus on speed - both in the ring and in construction.

Ze mean front!

Tobbes robot tries to put on a war face.

Skid marks on the table used as a ring.

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