Thursday, April 4, 2013


The 12th "Robotkampen" (Robot struggle) took place yesterday. Me and my nephew participated.

One of the other teams deep into thought programming.

Father and son participated for the twelfth time. The only team still using the RCX.

After 5½ hour of building and programming every second still counted.

Deep in thought over the mechanics.

One of the local newspapers writing this story.

All five robots ready to compete.

Our robot.

Some stuff slapped together by one of the other teams. The wires was used as catch devices. This robot was surprisingly effective, but also fell over quite a few times.

Old school. No steering, just careful aiming in the start box. Note the tracks-transmission! :D

Team "Ventus Potentia Phobia" (wind power phobia) out on the mission table.

That climb was not intentional...

Event director Röde keeps track of the scores.

Newspaper taking photos. There were two papers and a TV-news crew on site, quite some coverage!

Team "Batman and Robin". Todays mission was the same as last FLL. These guys won the robot part of the local FLL-challenge and continued in great style.

Team "Skåne Stenbrott" (Skaune quarry).

Team "Vi som älskar RCX" (we that loves RCX).

It was quite cramped around the table at times, not much so here though.

The mission table.

Skåne Stenbrott collects some points in the bowling alley, the only team that did (we tried and failed).

The most points that could be gathered was to park at a see-saw in the end. Batman and Robin took a different approach and drove onto the platform from the side. During practice they also managed to stay on the platform with it level but never in competition.

They might be afraid of wind power, but not of Lego action.

...wait. Scratch that.

After each heat five minutes was given to make changes.

Röde trying to figure out who went to which final.

Helping with the aim.

Close inspection to see if there was any points or not.

Feeding the points into the computer.

Parking miss-hap.

Aiming was crucial when the robot could not steer. Well, actually they could steer to some extent - with a larger set of wheels on one side the robot went in an arc. Very creative!

Some Batman and Robin action.

Four of the five teams went to finals, here we get to know who.

Röde again.

The dynamic duo.

A tad more relaxed at the computer now.

Peter seems afraid of the RCX-contraption.

Final for first place, still all smiles.

The challengers looks nervous.

...but made a run in flying colours and won the whole thing. With an RCX. :)

Third place (beat us in the B-final with just 10 points): Batman and Robin.

Second place: Skåne Stenbrott

First place: The RCX-lovers.

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