Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today there was an train-meet in Eskilstuna so we went, but only after some "roadside" repair of the car since the seatbelt got stuck in and needed some convincing.

At the event the well pre-planned layout quickly took shape.

Tommy came by train and had collapsed everything nearly into single bricks; he had a lot to do.

Carl was one of the enthusiasts that went almost six hours by car to get here, the enthusiasm did not stop behind the wheel.

Robban on the far right may have surpassed even himself with a stellar old factory.


Robbans factory area again.

Robban tearing down one of his other great creations.

There was a second one-man-show layout in another room since DaRePo put up about a third of his planned layout at home as a test. He's in the process of building the house that's going to contain it - that's dedication!

DaRePo on the right, sporting knee protectors, just one of several small details that proves he has put a lot of thought into this test of his.

I thought I had taken an overview shot of the layout but it must have stopped at a thought, here's the major half of it.

Some of the trains.

I brought my ugly 6991 Monorail again, and some technic creations just for kicks. These will end up here at some point.

I brought some extra track, Sebban and Patrik made sure to use it all.

Selander (that planned the layout) on the left and AndersI (that called the event and held with the facilities) discus some technical aspect, Robban listens.

Close to closing time and still all classic smiley faces.

Counting the name list totals to 58 people at today's meeting.

After we went home to AndersI to order pizzas and chat some more. Part of his lair.

Illuwatar opens a box of holy Technic.

Tommy basking in the glow from the holy stuff.

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