Thursday, December 12, 2002

RCKillough Mk III

Yet another Killough. This one built prior to a Swedish LEGO fest I was holding. I built this to arrange a driving competition. It worked out fine :)

Also see my first Killough and my second. The page for the first Killough contains a lot more info on the Killough platform in general.


Same thing as the first Killough, however this version is smaller since I put the motors back to back. I had to add two more gears but the gear ratio is still the same.

For Mk III I went back to the wheeltype used on Mk I since they worked much better then the 8462 wheels on Mk II. The wheel uses 'Tyre 56 x 30 R Balloon' and can be found on Peeron here.

I looked at my other wheels but non is as thin and at the same time rounded. Perhaps the BIG wheels from 8466/8457 could be used? :)

Here you see the underside and the new center design with the motors back to back.

Beacuse of the new design I had to put a lot of gear around the edge, I was afraid the heavy battery pack would cause difficulties but it worked like a charm.

Here's the course for the competition. The first time the object was to knock down all minifigs on blue/yellow stands and leave the rest on shortest time. The second run you just jammed 'em all on as little time as possible. The Killough climbs stacks of 2 x 2 bricks making some stick under the chassi so it was a real challange.

Here we a little from the race. As the videocamera on the tripod is recording I have this on tape, however it's too much work to extract the video and put it OnLine. I'll get back to that later. In the meantime there is a handful of videos of the first Killough.

Pushing the 8480 to the launch pad.


Here's my sisters son, Mattias, showing some real skill in driving this thing. He's seven BTW and was dissapointed it could "only" drive around. Kids :)

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