Sunday, July 28, 2002

Killough 2.0

A quick build to have something to show in a Geek-meet my friend arranged. Unfortunately my RC equipment had a bad transmitter battery. I had plans for an obstacle course with points etc. and the driver with the highest ranking would win a price. It only worked for one driver then the battery was dead :(

See RC Killough for more information about Killoughs overall.


Standard Killough fitted with a double barrel gun on a turret :)

Empty frame. The wheels from the 8446 Monster Crane truck works better then these from the 8462 Tow Truck.


I made the controls in two parts, one mode for driving and another for shooting/controlling the turret. I had separate fireing on the two cannons.

Almost identical photo. The turret could be rotated 360+ and lowered into the chassis in both extremes. It was fun trying to shoot straight up and thus hitting the Killough itself. Perhaps I need to get a life? :)

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