Monday, July 29, 2002


My first Synchro. Since I had so much problem with the transmitter in Killough 2.0 I rebuilt it as this synchro while recharging the transmitter battery. As it turned out the new battery was charged with wrong polarity thus it worked even worse then before :) Once the battery was fixed I had a lot of fun with this one. The biggest amazement was how powerful it was pushing stuff around.

Also built on one day.


Synchro that rotates (360+) all four wheels at the same time in the same direction (moves in synch = Synchro), thus one can change direction of travel without rotating the platform itself. Fitted with the turret and guns from Killough 2.0.

Black with blue trim. The yellow details on the turret was leftovers from Killough 2.0.

That's a stuffed platform :)

My brother and his son had lot's of fun with this one, especially shooting at people. I suppose it's in the genes

Weight testing the gear ratio. I took a bucket of wheels and trow all the servos and stuff on top of it. This was sufficient weight and I could probably have used faster gearing with out problems.

Profile. One had to be careful not to rotate the turret if it was lowered into the chasis or cords might get ripped.

Bottom. Two 9V motors for drive, two for steering (one added late to improve steering) and two micro motors as triggers, five servos and two battery packs made this a heavy synchro.

The axle joiner has munched away on the housing for that motor. Ooops.

It's hard to spot, but the mark in the motor is there.

Wheel setup. This worked great, it took a lot of stress before the cracking noise of gears slipping occured. Black box to the left is a servo.

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