Monday, June 4, 2012

Counting templates

Our LUG had to count some 300.000 bricks into individual orders. To help ease the process I made a bunch of counting templates. First I split a few floor boards into wide and thin strips.

I glued a thin strip along the edge on the wide strips and let it set for a while.

I then cut the strips down but had to reclamp the lot since the glue had not set yet.

After the glue had set I put in another thin strip in the end so that 50 1 x n-bricks would fit in the template.

At the sorting event people could concentrate on how many rows they stacked not having to keep count on the actual bricks.

Once the template was full (or the order amount reached) it was easy to pour the bricks into bags.

This way we could all keep talking to each other only rarely having to do a recount (on occasion the bricks fell outside the bag). It was a lotek solution to the problem. :)

Even faster would be to use very accurate scales but they are expensive. This way I only used material that I had laying around and built 20 of them in an hour or so.

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