Friday, December 23, 2011


I decided to challenge myself a bit when building 9391 Mini Crane. The instructions were put aside (without browsing) and I was only allowed to see the photos on the box to build the set.

It went surprisingly well, all the parts was there and a lot of the parts could be traced from the photos. In the end I only made one mistake, I only used one bushing on the turret rotation knob instead of three:

One thing that got quite a bit confusing was where the support for the boom was suppose to be attached. I first attached it at the end of the beam with five empty holes until the brace, as it later turned out this is the correct way.

But while playing with the model I noticed that I could not lower the boom as much as the box photos. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the beam continues past the black mechanism in the photos. On the left it is also quite clear that there are only four empty holes. But built this way the supports collides with the bottom of the superstructure.

TLG has cheated with the model for the box photos (which is pretty common).

All in all this was a very fun little exercise and I will build more small sets this way in the future!

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laix said...

That's a nice idea and reminds me of TBs TechREVERSE Challenges.

I will definetly give it a try.