Monday, November 15, 2010

SW Shooting range (everyday life)

MOC for a contest at Eurobricks. Create a Star Wars-themed "Everyday life"-vignette (this post as a topic there). Here's mine:

Playing back the security tapes from the recent Jedi "courtesy call" it became quite clear that the Stormtroopers could not aim their guns. Funds were set aside to create a shooting range for the Stormtroopers to practice their skills. The shooting range is now completed and it's quite easy to find; just visit the "green corridor" in the new Death Star.

You'll find a stair case leading up to the shooting range. Darth Vader himself took these stairs today. A meeting got cut short when he killed the other attendees (as he often tend to these days), so he decided to visit the shooting range. Enough about that, let's climb the stairs shall we?

Uh-oh! It seems Darth got his steam up and are busy killing yet another Stormie. But this is the engineer behind the new shooting range, what could have kicked Darth back into killing-minions-mode again?

Well, it should not have been the Stormtroopers who are busy at target practice?

...and it should not be the Stormtrooper who's busy downing an Ewok-burger. Eating those pesky little critters is standing orders.

Wait a minute... what the Hoth does the targets resemble!?!?

Duckons from Naboo? No surprise Darth felt compelled to get rid of the chief engineer!

Here's an overview of the whole scene (apart from the green corridor that's below the table and Darth):

And a few more not concerning about what's in the background (a huge pile of miscellaneous MTB-accessories).

And here's a video showing the different parts:

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