Sunday, April 4, 2004


Time for the 2004 installation of Robotkampen arranged by Framtidsmuseet.

Harri and Tobbe with a brainclogging cold (already making excuses).

New team mate this year with Ryddan!

Minor rebuild of the chassis...

Ryddan dropped a motor 3-4 meters, it broke...


Röde installs the camera.


Team LA²FOL planning.

Ball delivery system.

Team Y-son took the metal-look all the way.

Ryddan and Tobbe on our balcony, hence the high motor drop...

Another adult team...

We mange the whole challenge with seven seconds to spare.

For the first time we had time to actually check out the museum...

Competitions has begun, hard fight to get the barrels.

Our first attempt failed miserably, perhaps we should have done more practice runs and verify the reliability in stead of playing in the museum?

Ryddan and Tobbe discussing what went wrong.

Next time we made it up the ramp but team Y-son did it just a little bit faster.


Third time lucky? Nope...

The other tasks works fine though!

Some other robot got tangled up.

Oooh! We made to semis!

Our 'bot.

Judges judging technical aspects.

First prize to team Y-son.

We did not get any big prize this year, but all got treats - yay!

Number two.

Clean up.

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