Saturday, January 12, 2002

SweBrick II

SweBrick-meeting (SweLUG back then) in Eskilstuna at the Isaksson family. Photos by both me and Harri Manni.

Jenny, Johan and Tommy.

The theme for the meeting was Lord of the Rings since the first movie recently was released. Here is the Isaksson families interpretation of the nine wraths. Note the creative use of a fire fighter torso.

And here's the fellowship. The colorful knot to the left is a puzzle.

Anders, Johan, Tommy, Pernilla and Harri watches a demonstration of BlockCAD.

Time for relay-building, attach five bricks and pass the creation along. After a few relays a number of strange creation is done.

Johan, Tommy and Tobbe relay-building.

Anders too...

Occasionally Harri let go of the camera and sat down to build.

Here's the result from the first relay. There was no theme but all creations got quite spacy.

The concept was a success, but we decided on a theme for the next relay: Boats.

Another theme and one more participant: Johannes. The theme this time was "castle". It was never meant to put the creations together but the result was quite good (it was fun to sabotage with strange bricks).

Tobbe tries to solve the knot but had to give up due to other activities.

Even more Lord of the Rings creations, this is "The Prancing Pony" in Bri.

Time to build animals, here's the result.

At 21 we started an interesting dice-game. Throw two dices, take bricks from the category of the dices value. The goal was to construct a vehicle that could pass a "gate" and push down an object on the other side. If you manage to get the same value on both dices you have to attach all the bricks you've accumulated - and attached brick stays attached.

Johan, Johannes and Jonatan.

22:16 Harri wins the game.

22:17 Tobbe would have won, if not for the fact that Harri just managed to do that.

All the "vehicles" built.

The esthetic's was judged...

Bricks not used.

23:00 and the drivers are on the podium after the esthetic's round. Tobbe and Harri said good night and drove back to Ludvika. Johan and Tommy stayed over night and kept building the next day.

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