Friday, September 1, 2000


Stampe is my first walker. I decided to build a walker after seeing some walkers OnLine. I wanted to build a walker that could walk fast. All walkers OnLine was really slow.

I though that the key to speed should be simplicity and low weight, hence my design.

I skipped "weight shifting" and such techniques and went for big feet, huge even.

Even if the walker fall on it's side it can still crawl so it feels very stubborn and it seems to arrive where it's heading no matter what. It can even climb doorsteps with out falling over, at least sometimes ,)

The name "Stampe" comes from the Swedish word "stamp" or stomp in English. So to be international I should have named it "Stompy" :) I choose that name since it stomps it way forth and is pretty loud.

The whole walker uses but seven gears.

The movies are in real-time and not speeded up.

Starting with a overview picture. As you can see it's a simple walker indeed.

It can use an external power source to allow some remote control or...

...use an internal power source. It adds some weight and slows the walker down a little. I added the extra pieces on top so that I could fetch the walker in something when it ran away using internal power. I tried to grab it by the top drive axis first and it jammed my finger pretty bad :(

Here is a close up of the internal battery source.

This picture displays the construction of the legs. It uses three #4 liftarms per leg. The two liftarms at the top is powered and the third at the bottom is support only.

I also added a pair of liftarms on the outside of the leg for more support. The walker could run with out out these but sometimes it jammed.

Note that the two supporting liftarms are displaced with 90 degree.

I caught Stampe in the middle of one of his stomps.

Stampe running straight towards the camera.

Note that the strange angle is due to the camera man running away, not a try to fool you so that you wont notice how unparalleled Stampes feet is when he stomps...

Here is a pic showing the internals of Stampe. As you can see he's really simple and straight forward built.

The gear ratio is: z8 -> z24 -- z16 -> #4 liftarm.

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